About Gutter Fighting Secrets and Beyond: A Look at the Blogs

Personal Protection Coach

Will Sherlund is a Personal Protection coach and founder of Gutter Fighting Secrets.  Will has undergone extensive training in several self-defense and survival systems and trained people to learn how to fight back in case they need to.  Through Gutter Fighting Secrets, he instructs people to be adept at defending themselves in a fight and prepares them for dire circumstances via extremely efficient survival techniques and methods.

With the coaching and guidance of Will Sherlund, Gutter Fighting Secrets practitioners will learn tactics, techniques, and methods well beyond what is already taught in generic self-defense schools and products.  What sets Gutter Fighting Secrets apart from other programs is its emphasis on survival strategies, alongside defensive and offensive techniques and methods.

Gutter Fighting Secrets also aims to create true warriors and hard targets out of ordinary people, making them adept in almost every way and every facet.  From fitness and health to mindset and mental conditioning to judgment and knowledge, Gutter Fighting Secrets provides people all the things they need to make it out of a serious threat to their lives.

On this particular site, Will Sherlund will look at some of the important things that Gutter Fighting Secrets has to offer. 

For starters, Will Sherlund will share a special blog meant for one incredibly specific purpose – procuring food when people find themselves in unfamiliar and sometimes hostile territory.  While this situation may seem obscure, rare even, it happens more times than people think.  The blog will help people find the best ways to forage for sustenance in places where it seems impossible to find. 

Another fascinating blog will focus on how people can use everyday objects at home as weapons.  While there are many reasons this blog can come in handy, it’s especially important for people who stay at home more than others.  From ordinary pencils and pens to lampshades, sporting equipment, and even belt buckles, if one knows how to wield it, any of these household and everyday items and more make for incredibly effective weapons against intruders.  Another good thing about these everyday household objects is that they can be accessed easily and quickly.

In line with Will Sherlund and Gutter Fighting Secrets emphasis on fitness, there will also be fitness blogs that will explore various topics, including the Gutter Fighting Secrets program called Warrior Weight Loss that Will himself has tried and tested on the road to losing over 120 pounds.