Gutter Fighting Secrets and Beyond: Home Page

Personal Protection Coach

As Will Sherlund, Personal Protection coach and founder of Gutter Fighting Secrets always says – “You are your first and last line of defense.”

It’s this line that has become one of the foundations of Gutter Fighting Secrets, an elite and highly-efficient self-defense and survival system developed by Will from his own training.  Through Gutter Fighting Secrets, Will has helped keep his fellow man safe and taught people how not to become victims themselves. 

Gutter Fighting Secrets is one of the most complete self-defense systems on the planet, a lot more so than most generic self-defense products.  What sets Gutter Fighting Secrets apart from the rest is the survival strategies it offers, aside from the defensive and offensive fighting techniques.

In coming up with Gutter Fighting Secrets, Will Sherlund has drawn upon his extensive training and experience in self-defense and martial arts, including various executive protection and tactical training certifications.  He is a graduate of the SIRAS bodyguard academy training in Denmark, a Krav Maga instructor, a licensed EMT, and a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He also teaches World War II combative and other close quarters combat techniques.

Over the past few months, while most of the world struggled with the global health crisis, Will Sherlund kept himself busy by writing and compiling a series of blogs that he shares on various sites.  In these blog posts, he discusses the many things Gutter Fighting Secrets can offer people. 

Will Sherlund will be leading off with information that many people are unaware of or have taken for granted, such as their own situations at home every day.  For this purpose, Will Sherlund will showcase a bit of what Gutter Fighting Secrets teaches: to identify and use everyday household items as weapons if and when the need arises.  This is one thing that shows just how practical the system of Gutter Fighting Secrets can be.

On a more specialized note, Will Sherlund will also share a somewhat unconventional but crucial topic, one which he feels everyone should know as it is integral to survival given the state of the world today.  The blog will be about finding food and other necessary materials for nourishment and sustenance in places that are strange and maybe even hostile. 

Finally, Will Sherlund will look at one of what he believes is Gutter Fighting Secrets’ essential products – Warrior Weight Loss and the system’s commitment to health and fitness.  This is in line with Will’s belief that to be the ultimate warrior, one has to be in the best shape they can be.