Self-Defense for Americans Overseas: Weaponizing Everyday Objects

Personal Protection Coach

Gutter Fighting Secrets, headed by its founder Will Sherlund, has committed to sharing its expertise on survival, self-defense, and other skills relating to various tactical situations.  In the company’s YouTube channel, they share videos that show many ways to survive and come out alive in pressure situations.

One video offers a peek, specifically into how American operatives stationed abroad can make use of a host of everyday equipment to defend themselves.  It is quite important to note that if, for instance, you are an undercover operative on a mission, you cannot carry around a side arm or even a knife, because you don’t want to raise any suspicion or draw unwanted attention towards you.

Experts like Will Sherlund know that if you carry around a pen, you can inflict a significant amount of damage to an enemy.  You simply need to identify some key spots on the human body which, when you use your pen against them, can stop your attacker in his tracks.  A gentle poke on the eye can be excruciatingly painful and it can also cause partial blindness on a person.  A stab to the throat can incapacitate your enemy by preventing him from breathing freely.

A medium sized flashlight, when gripped in one hand, can prime your fist for a doubly packed punch that can break a person’s teeth.  You can use the same flashlight by ramming its butt on your enemy’s temple or forehead and knock him out cold, shares Will Sherlund.

Basically, the video suggests that any object can be used as a weapon, if the one who holds it is knowledgeable and imaginative enough.  Following this logic, you can use a metal wrist watch that can cause as much damage as some brass knuckles on your fist when you throw a punch towards an assailant.  You can make use of a belt or a necktie to strangle your attacker.  The belt becomes an even more effective whip if you use the belt buckle as its tip. You can use any moderately heavy object to inflict blunt force to stop your attacker, even if this is an innocent looking rolled-up glossy magazine.

Will Sherlund asserts that knowledge is power, and it’s only right for you to be empowered with useful skills to protect yourself out in the field.  Weaponizing everyday objects is surely just one of them.

Gutter Fighting Secrets has prepared a DVD that elaborately covers the topic of travel safety for Americans abroad.  They offer various courses to choose from on their website.