Survival 101: Food Procurement Behind Enemy Lines

Personal Protection Coach

Will Sherlund, owner of Gutter Fighting Secrets, is an expert when it comes to tactical preparedness.  He makes his expertise widely available by way of his own company’s website, where he shares opportunities for people to level up in their skills in self-defense and survival.

Gutter Fighting Secrets generously shares some relevant videos on YouTube.  One of these videos discusses some critical advice on food procurement behind enemy lines.

A routine mission can easily reach an unexpected turn.  In a snap, this can change into a tactical assignment that leaves you with only the equipment on your person, and an indefinite time frame before help is on its way to you.

Taking off from Will Sherlund’s invitation for you to become a highly efficient survival machine, you need to come out alive.  To get nourishment, you need to find food sources from within the natural landscape, but you must do this without letting the enemy know of your presence.

Your easiest access to nutritious food is insects.  However, you must note that this may come with other complexities.  For instance, not all insects are edible.  Some of them are edible, but need to be cooked so you may rid them of parasites, as in the case of hard shelled insects.  In some cases, you may get your energy from insects that you can eat raw, even if they are not very pleasant to eat.

You may get a lot of nutrition and satisfaction by going for mammals.  The challenge with this is that the manner of catching and cooking them may blow your cover in enemy territory.  A snared land animal may create too much noise and give your location away.  Since these are much bigger game, you will need more effort to clean up after yourself. Perhaps leaving bones, animal hide, or a blood trail will be an inconvenience.  Cooking them in fire can leave a smoke trail and an unmistakeable scent that tells the enemy that you’re around.

Will Sherlund believes that the best food source in the given situation is fish.  These animals are very discreet and do not cause any commotion when caught.  They are easy to cook, and you may dispose of their remains easily in the bushes or in the water, leaving fewer traces of your presence.

According to Gutter Fighting Secrets, getting nourishment undercover, especially in a survival situation, is far from your predictable breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  For best results, pick out food sources as you go along your way to where you need to be.  You may find more information and course offerings for survival and self-defense skills on their website, notes Will Sherlund.