Gutter Fighting Secrets: MMA moves You Can Use for Self-Defense

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Gutter Fighting Secrets: MMA moves You Can Use for Self-Defense

December 29, 2020 Uncategorized 0

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a spectacular full-contact sport with millions of practitioners and even more viewers worldwide.  It also sparked a whole generation to pick up different martial arts types like Jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, and kickboxing for fitness purposes.  According to the Gutter Fighting Secrets founder Will Sherlund, another incredible bonus to learning mixed martial arts is the inherent application of self-defense.  Keep in mind that using MMA in a fight should only be used for self-defense and restrain people until authorities arrive.  While it takes a long time to practice and perfect certain MMA moves, there are some simple ones that one can use for self-defense.  It is recommended to learn these moves with a friend or an adult to help understand the principles behind them.

Arm locks

There are many types of arm locks utilized in MMA. Just as any of those has the potential to stop a fight in the octagon, the same can be said with a street fight or any situation that requires self-defense.  The physics behind arm locks is to hyperextend the arm until the assailant either stops moving, gives up, or forces one to break their arm.   According to Will Sherlund, one can use this to immobilize an attacker quickly while someone call law enforcement.


Similar to an arm lock, a chokehold can be pulled off several ways inside the octagon.  But in real life, the rear naked choke, also known as the sleeper hold, is the easiest to do.  Will Sherlund notes that this move is effective against any attacker, big or small.  Standing behind the opponent, place one arm around their neck, with the forearm directly on their throat while the hand grabs the other bicep.  For the other hand, firmly squeeze the hand holding on to your biceps while pushing your attacker’s head forward.  If doing this on the ground, wrap both legs around the arms to completely immobilize the attacker.  

Through Gutter Fighting Secrets, Will Sherlund teaches people beyond what is already taught in generic self-defense products.  What sets Gutter Fighting Secrets apart from the rest is the survival strategies that it offers, aside from the defensive and offensive techniques and methods.  Find out more about Will and Gutter Fighting Secrets by visiting this website


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