Gutter Fighting Secrets: Street Fight Tactics to Ensure your Safety

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Gutter Fighting Secrets: Street Fight Tactics to Ensure your Safety

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Winning in a street fight doesn’t necessarily mean being the last person standing.  For a lot of people, winning simply means avoiding the confrontation altogether and getting away unscathed.  Nobody wants to get injured in something that can be avoided.  This is why Will Sherlund,  founder of Gutter Fighting Secrets, teaches street fight tactics that ensure safety rather than winning a head-on confrontation.

Be alert

This is the first step in getting away unscathed in a street fight.  Being alert means actively thinking of ways on how to diffuse the situation.  One can look for objects that can be used to defend oneself, survey if the attacker has a backup, and find escape routes.  One should also be aware if they can diffuse the situation like apologizing even if they didn’t do anything wrong or simply avoiding instigation.  Will Sherlund believes that the moment one throws a punch, they’ve already lost.

Walk away

Simply walk away if the person instigating a fight is already behind you, or you’ve walked past them.  One can gauge the person’s physical capabilities and see if they can outrun them.  If familiar with the area, walk or run toward the nearest police officer or a safe and well-protected location like a bank.

Assume a fighting stance

If escape is not an option and you are cornered, then all that’s left is to fight.  If this happens, assume a fighting stance by spreading the feet about a shoulder-width apart and slightly bending the knees.  Keep your hands on the same level as your face so you can defend punches aimed at your face.

Don’t be afraid to fight dirty

When assuming a fighting stance, the instigator might think that this is going to be a brawl.  So, they might not expect a cheap shot or effective shots to their vulnerable areas.  Among the things one can do to surprise their attacker are kicking them in the groin, headbutting them on the face, kicking them on the side of their knee, or even a chop to their throat.  These moves can stun almost anyone and give you time and space to escape.

Will Sherlund graduated from the SIRAS bodyguard academy training in Denmark.   He is an instructor of Krav Maga, an EMT, and a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  He also teaches World War II combative and other close-quarters combat techniques.  Empower yourself with the help of  Gutter Fighting Secrets by visiting this website


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