Gutter Fighting Secrets: The significance of one’s fitness level in survival

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Gutter Fighting Secrets: The significance of one’s fitness level in survival

December 29, 2020 Uncategorized 0

Will Sherlund is a Personal Protection coach and the founder of Gutter Fighting Secrets, a highly efficient self-defense and survival system.  Will has poured everything he has learned from his own training in the SIRAS bodyguard academy in Denmark, Krav Maga, EMT, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and World War II combative and other close-quarters combat techniques in Gutter Fighting Secrets.

One of the most important things that Will Sherlund has come to realize over the years, something that he has established as an integral part of Gutter Fighting Secrets, is the significance of health and fitness.  In fact, he has even started his own Warrior Weight Loss program, which is part of Gutter Fighting Secrets.

Below, Will Sherlund enumerates three reasons why health and fitness are extremely important to any self-defense and survival system.

1. Defending yourself can be incredibly taxing on the body.

Will Sherlund has often mentioned that when people need to defend themselves against multiple attackers, it can take a terrible toll on their stamina and endurance.  With the constant movement of either punching, kicking, pushing, pulling, running, jumping, rolling, and the like, an unfit person can gas out in less than 30 seconds and fall limp, unable to defend themselves. 

2. Bodyweight plays a huge factor during crises.

One of the most criminally overlooked factors in people’s ability to survive a crisis is their bodyweight.  Gutter Fighting Secrets is not all about fighting; a huge part of the system is about survival.  In situations where people need to survive, they need to run for their lives.  Frankly put, people who weigh less and have good cardio can run and get out of danger faster than overweight and obese people.  This is why Will Sherlund’s Warrior Weight Loss program is incredibly effective in Gutter Fighting Secrets’ overall system.

3. Health and fitness have been scientifically linked to quick thinking.

It’s been said many times before that one of the keys to self-defense and survival is a person’s ability to think quickly, remember the things they learned, and take action at the soonest possible moment.  Will Sherlund notes that health and fitness have been scientifically linked to a person’s mental abilities, especially alertness and quick thinking.  Being healthy and fit has also been proven to boost a person’s clarity of mind, which is essential in self-defense and survival scenarios.

Will Sherlund graduated from the SIRAS bodyguard academy training in Denmark.  He is also an instructor of Krav Maga, an EMT, a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and an instructor in World War II combative and other close-quarter combat techniques.  For more on Will Sherlund and Gutter Fighting Secrets, visit this website.


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