Gutter Fighting Secrets: What Not to do During a Street Fight

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Gutter Fighting Secrets: What Not to do During a Street Fight

December 29, 2020 Uncategorized 0

You’ve probably seen videos online of street fights that have gone so wrong, and they tend to be hilarious.  It would often showcase two people swinging wildly and missing entirely, a lot of posturing, but nothing serious.  However, if you end up on the opposite end of a street fight, there is a serious risk of injury or even possible jail time if you oblige someone’s instigation to fight.  While there are right things to do to escape a street fight safely, Will Sherlund, founder of Gutter Fighting Secrets, believes that there are also completely wrong things to do during a street fight.

Getting an initiative before a street fight breaks is important.  You could use that to scout the area quickly to look for an escape route, items you can use to defend yourself, or assess if you can outrun your opponent.  If self-defense experts like Will Sherlund claim that the best way to handle situations like this is to run away, trust their judgment.  However, taking the initiative by throwing a surprise punch is the last thing you should do.  Throwing a punch automatically initiates the fight. If people are recording the confrontation, it would be documented that you threw the first punch.  If the instigator gets knocked unconscious or gets injured, they could sue you for assault.

According to Will Sherlund, walking away gets you out almost all the time.  However, there might be some instances where your attacker could chase you.  If this happens, run to more populated areas since these places likely have a police presence. Don’t try to randomly lose them by going to an alley. You never know if where you are going to is a dead end where you’ll get cornered.

Lastly, don’t try to do any fancy moves you’ve seen on YouTube or in a movie.  Movie fights are choreographed, and self-defense tutorials online are only good if you’ve practiced them enough.  So, if you ever end up in an actual fight and need to defend yourself, assume a fighting stance that lets you block or parry shots to the head while trying to come up with an escape plan or until someone stops the fight.

Will Sherlund of Gutter Fighting Secrets teaches tactics that are well beyond what is already taught in generic self-defense products.  What sets Gutter Fighting Secrets apart from most self-defense schools is the survival strategies, aside from the defensive and offensive techniques and methods.   For more reads on self-defense and personal survival, check out this blog.


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